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All products offered in our store are guaranteed against breakage or damage occurred in the transport process or obvious manufacturing defects and, if granted by each manufacturer or by law. We strive to ensure that our products are backed by renowned manufacturers and a high level of quality and a packaging process taken care of.
The warranty is effective by returning the amount paid or replacement of the model, although this is not always possible as it depends on the availability of units at all times or the type of defect present model.
motomini not guarantee in all cases the model change for the same or of similar Characteristics, but always guarantee to refund it.
If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchased product through the Internet, has a period of 7 days, counting from the date of delivery of product to return it. In this case the shipping and collection borne by the customer. Before making such refund the customer must contact our sales department at the deadline via email, phone or fax which will indicate the return process. Any return without prior notice is not recepcionada.

To support the return must be both the product and its packaging in perfect condition, no scratches or broken or damaged packaging and including all documentation accompanying the product and its accessories.The client must make sure proper packaging to transport without damage.

Once received and checked by our staff that the product is in the same condition as sent, we will proceed to refund the amount as agreed upon with the customer.